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Rachel Maddow Video: Standing up to banks, putting who-owns-what back in order

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Rachel Maddow reports on one North Carolina town standing up to the (not to big to fail) banks that destroyed the housing market and the lives of many local families with foreclosures that may turn out to be fraudulent.

Once the MSM finally starts reporting on the truth of the Foreclosure Scam by the banks this will give government agencies, politicians and the courts another of many opportunities to uphold the law of the land. It is up to the people to say “NO MORE FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES, NO MORE!” and to organize and focus on the solution. I would like to see all County Recorders file complaints against the banks for brazenly and lawlessly filing fraudulent documents at a Government Agency that is here to uphold the law.  Sometimes it takes just one County Clerk and Recorder to raise the bar and do what is right and not enable the banks and others to continue this widespread fraud.




Occupy Wall Street News

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Thank you Occupy Wall Street Oxnard protesters who protested at the Ventura County Court Recorders Office on March 12, 2012. The Protesters showed up at a Foreclosure Auction and asked the auctioneer if she was bonded. She couldn’t or wouldn’t respond and left without an answer to their question. The Foreclosure sale was stopped. Thank you again and keep up the good work  Occupy Wall Street Protesters we need you.

I recently obtained a copy of 2 Assignment of Deed of Trusts at the Ventura County Recorder’s office and will post at a later date. On the copy of the more recent it states as Beneficiary:  Federal Deposit of Insurance Corporation as Receiver for IndyMac Federal Bank, FSB. Signed by Mike Stanford (Attorney in Fact) Travis, Texas. Dated 3/10/2009 signed 4/11/11 and recorded 4/13/11.



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Our lawsuit against IndyMac/One West Bank and Mers filed in August of 2011 against IndyMac/One West Bank unfortunately was unable to continue due to a new precedent stating that a Loan Modification even if payments were made and accepted is now Invalid if not signed by the lender. I will be posting the Case Law regarding this new precedent when it is published, probably in a month.

We had a strong case. We made 2 payments and then we were denied because in the words of Patrick Moore of IndyMac/One West Bank we were denied because our loan mod packet was not notarized. Although the Notary signed and notarized the California All Purpose Certificate of Acknowledgement.

If the laws change we can refile the lawsuit. The statute of limitations is 2 years from the date of sale which was May 26, 2011.

Our Lawyers Shana Karpeles of Karpeles Law Firm did an exceptional job fighting for our rights and we are glad we pursued a lawsuit against IndyMac/One West Bank with Shana in our corner. In the present climate of our court system Lawyers fighting against the banks are fighting an uphill battle and unfortunately the odds are strongly against them. But hopefully some laws will change to make it easier for homeowners to have a fair chance in court against these unscrupulous banks and their attorneys. We just need a fighting chance in court which is now not the case.

Bankruptcy Information We Learned The Hard Way

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If you file a bankruptcy 13 the third time it does not protect your house from being sold. It is called the 3rd filing rule section 362 of the bankruptcy code which was voted in by congress in 2005 before the housing crisis. So just be forewarned and aware of this rule.

Tips And Thoughts Regarding Our Experience With Foreclosure

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Research and saving all of your documents is very important as well as keeping logs of phone calls with dates, time and name of employee while    facing foreclosure or trying to get a loan modification. Educate yourself so you are well aware of what you are dealing with. I have found the website www.livinglies.wordpress.com is full of useful information that you will need to know.  If you have the energy and the time to stand up for your rights against the illegal actions being allowed to continue in the banking and mortgage industry I say go for it. Stay strong, take good care of yourself and keep up your spirits. It is important to have a support system for yourself and do the best you can. Being flexible and adaptable is necessary due to many changes the banks and the government come up with midstream.

We must demand accountability here and be part of the solution.

Be compassionate and kind to yourself and hopefully someday business in America will do the same.