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Tips And Thoughts Regarding Our Experience With Foreclosure

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2012 at 5:38 pm

Research and saving all of your documents is very important as well as keeping logs of phone calls with dates, time and name of employee while    facing foreclosure or trying to get a loan modification. Educate yourself so you are well aware of what you are dealing with. I have found the website www.livinglies.wordpress.com is full of useful information that you will need to know.  If you have the energy and the time to stand up for your rights against the illegal actions being allowed to continue in the banking and mortgage industry I say go for it. Stay strong, take good care of yourself and keep up your spirits. It is important to have a support system for yourself and do the best you can. Being flexible and adaptable is necessary due to many changes the banks and the government come up with midstream.

We must demand accountability here and be part of the solution.

Be compassionate and kind to yourself and hopefully someday business in America will do the same.