Rachel Maddow Video: Standing up to banks, putting who-owns-what back in order

In Uncategorized on March 26, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Rachel Maddow reports on one North Carolina town standing up to the (not to big to fail) banks that destroyed the housing market and the lives of many local families with foreclosures that may turn out to be fraudulent.

Once the MSM finally starts reporting on the truth of the Foreclosure Scam by the banks this will give government agencies, politicians and the courts another of many opportunities to uphold the law of the land. It is up to the people to say “NO MORE FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES, NO MORE!” and to organize and focus on the solution. I would like to see all County Recorders file complaints against the banks for brazenly and lawlessly filing fraudulent documents at a Government Agency that is here to uphold the law.  Sometimes it takes just one County Clerk and Recorder to raise the bar and do what is right and not enable the banks and others to continue this widespread fraud.




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